Sunday, April 18, 2010

Big boy and big girl!!!

Well I am very sad to say that my two babies Gage and Trinity are no long babies. Sniff, sniff... We offically put their big kid beds into their bedrooms and moved their cribs out. We let them be a part of the process so that they could understand why we were taking out their cribs and moving in their big kid beds. They thought that it was cool and were excited. We put Trinny in her bed and she laid right down and is now in bed and is talking and singing to herself. So sweet... Gage on the other hand was put in his big boy bed and has gotten up several times. 6 to exact. :) He got up the first 3 times and thought that it was funny. After the 4th time of being put back into his big boy bed, he got upset. He started crying and got up a few more times but after the last time daddy put him back to bed, he has decided to stay in his room. He isn't crying anymore but who knows if he is laying down b/c we don't dare to go in there or he will start crying again. It is 8:45 right now and I am going to go check on both Gage and Trinny in about 30 minutes. Hopefully they will both be fast asleep. If anyone out there has been through this before, I feel for you. It totally breaks my heart thinking that my sweet, beautiful and wonderful kids are growing up. As much as I don't like it, time waits for no one. It is so sad that they are growing up so fast but it is something that can't be helped so we are going to enjoy every minute of it. :)

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