Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweet Little Duke 2008-2010

R.I.P. Duke Holder 2008-2010

Well what started out being a bad day turned into a really bad day when I was on my way home from work tonight. One of our neighbors called me when I was almost home to tell me that I needed to stop by his house to pick Duke up b/c he was dead. I just started crying and asked him how it happened. He then told me that Duke was in his back yard and was playing with his dog, and then all the sudden Duke went under his fence to his other neighbors back yard and their dogs attacked him and ended up killing him. But for Duke's sake, he said that they killed him fast and I sure hope that they did b/c I would hate to think that he suffered. It has been so hard to deal with what happened. I can't be mad at the neighbors b/c we did let Duke outside without being on a leash but I can be mad at them for having such mean and scary dogs. I will forever love Duke and am missing him so much already. I am just thankful that Gage and Trinity are to little to know what is going on although they do know that something is wrong with mommy b/c I can't stop crying. I just pray that Duke is resting in peace now. I love you Duke, always have and always will little guy. You will be so missed.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Gage and his eye...

As many of you might know, my son Gage has had problems with his left eye since he was born. We thought at first that it was just a "lazy eye" well I finally got tired of him having to deal with it so I took him for a 2nd doctor (Dr. Henry) to look at it since the 1st doctor told us not to worry about it and that he would grow out of it. Come to find out, he has what is called "Amblyopia". Amblyopia is defined as poor vision in an otherwise normal eye that begins in childhood. The type that Gage has is called "Strabismic Amblyopia" and this is the most common type in children. The vision in that eye is unconsciously suppressed to prevent double vision. It doesn't matter whether the eye turns inward, outward, or vertically, deviates markedly, or drifts only slightly.

Early treatment is best for a child so I am so thankful that we caught it in time. The treatment that we are doing for Gage is to put drops into his right eye once a week. Every Monday we have to put the drops in his right eye to blur his vision even though it is is left eye that he is having problems with. From what Dr. Henry said in Gage's case, he has an extra muscle on his left eye and that is what is causing his left eye to float, wonder, and even get stuck from time to time. So what the drops are going to do is blur his vision in his right eye so it forces his brain to use his left eye in hopes that it will pull the left eye in towards the center where it is supposed to be and so that his brain can train itself to use both eyes. We have to do the drops for 10 weeks and then go back to see Dr. Henry to see if the drops are working. We are really praying that the drops work b/c he said the next step would to be patches and then surgery so we are praying that God wraps his loving and healing hands on Gage to cure his problem. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Gage and Trinity turn the big 2!!!

I can't believe that I am saying this, but both of my babies are now 2 years old. Sniff, sniff! :) I can't believe how fast a person's life can fly bye when you have kids. It seems just like yesterday we brought them home. Babies, they were just tiny little things and now they are walking, talking, and beating each other up from time to time over a toy. Even though I thank God for them and their health, I however find myself wishing that they would stop growing, well at least stop growing as fast as they are. They need to slow it down b/c before I know it, they will be senior's in high school. They are such a blessing to Brian and I and I am sooooo proud of them.

Since they turned 2, we threw them a birthday party and we had so much fun. They are really into anything Sesame Street so that was the theme of their party. Trinny loves Abby Cadabby and Gager loves Elmo or "Melmo" as he calls him. They got tons of new toys and tons of new clothes from all of our family and friends. Thank you to all that came to help us celecrate their 2nd birthday. Here are some photos from their special day.

Gage and Trinity's Sesame Street Cake

Singing Happy Birthday to the kiddos...

Blowing out their candles...

Gage enjoying his very green cupcake...

Trinity really enjoying her princess cupcake...

and finally, PRESENTS!!!


Well it took us a while to get family pictures taken but we finally got them done and we are very happy with them. We got them done at Portrait Innovations in Fayetteville down by Target and we will go back again. They were very friendly and had great prices. The lady who took our pictures was a real sweetheart and did good with the kiddos. Even though Gage and Trinity were acting like little monkey's, but I have to remember that they are only 2. They are such good and sweet babies and I am so proud of them.

Family Picture: Brian, Ryan, Gage and Trinity

My first born, sweet beautiful Trinity (2 years old)

My second born, my handsome sweet son Gage. (2 years old)

One rare moment that they weren't fighting... :)

March 2010